Discord in Dakkon

Strange plots are afoot in the kingdom of Dakkon. Tensions are growing between Dakkon and the neighboring Dwarven kingdom of Hazen. More and more, the Halflings’ shipbuilding services are being utilized to build vessels of war. And now, the three Barons of Dakkon are being eradicated one by one.

Following the murder of the Baron Orran at the ball held in his honor, an unlikely crew of companions has embarked on a journey to discover the motives behind the purging of these nobles, and to thwart these attempts whenever possible. The group that would come to be known as Horsebane has been to the nine hells and back, and in doing so, have revealed the demonic pacts of King Itane Denadra, his two horrid sons Ashtar and Tanaidred, and his murderous Chancellor Evvon Tavrix.

Along the way, the party has also uncovered secrets about their own pasts: a spy with a long family lineage in a forsaken race, who seeks to avenge her father’s death at all costs; a light-hearted entertainer and thief with a dark family history steeped in religion and tragedy; a lone wolf paladin who serves and constantly seeks the approval of his beloved, outlawed deity, the Raven Queen; a woman who is haunted by the massacre of innocent humans whose blood (and charred flesh) is on her hands; and their leader, a displaced dragon born investigator who seeks justice, morality, and order.

Horsebane is: the Queen’s Pawn, the Many, the Favorite of the Raven, the Myriad Faces, and the One Who Burns Too Bright.


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