Aideena Caelan

A Haughty Eladrin Hottie with a Hot Temper. Non-Human Companionship Preferred.


Aideena Caelan was the last of three children born to Cian and Avalbane Caelan. The Caelans were one of the prominent families in the Feywild realm of Calathea—Cian served in Calathea’s House of Nature Lords for 85 years, and Avalbane had served on the Calathea Diplomatic Council to the Other World for 42 years before retiring to devote herself to her family. After her formal retirement, she stayed on in an advisory capacity.

Gradually, the Caelans became disillusioned with Calathea’s increasingly isolationist policies with regard to the Other World. Despite Avalbane’s admonitions, the Council became less and less interested in maintaining good ties with the Other World, particularly the relatively new border kingdom of Dakkon. The eladrin elders argued that the problems of Dakkon were not the problems of the Feywild, and that endangering the lives of their own for the sake of the other inferior races was unnecessary. Eventually, the Diplomatic Council was disbanded, and communication between the Calatheans and the Other World was forbidden.

Avalbane, who had developed several strong political and personal ties with humans and elves in Dakkon, remained a vociferous opponent of the new decree. After several attempts at quieting her, the Council of Elders had Avalbane imprisoned and eventually voted to send her into exile. Instead of moving into exile elsewhere in the Feywild, the Caelans crossed the threshold into Dakkon. There, in the Great Forest, they encountered a small settlement of other disenfranchised eladrin, who welcomed them into their village of Delaine. Aideena was twelve.

Cian decided that his children should be educated, and after a few months, the Caelans sent their three children—Eolande, Riardon, and Aideena—to the Scriveners’ Academy in Easar for school. The two eldest fit in quickly and did very well in their studies; Aideena, however, appeared to have some unusual talents with which the Academy was not prepared to deal, and she was referred to the Thaumaturgy. She was trained in the arcane arts, and quickly gained recognition as an unusually talented student. She stayed on at the Thaumaturgy until she was twenty-three, when she received word that Avalbane had fallen gravely ill. Aideena quickly left school and returned to Delaine to help care for her mother.

Aideena continued to live with her parents well after Avalbane had recovered. Her parents had begun commuting to Orran regularly in an attempt to reestablish relations with some of Avalbane’s human contacts. Eager to get out of the Great Forest, Aideena joined them on one such trip when she was twenty-five. [redacted]

Three years later, Aideena was with her parents once again, but she was haunted by the guilt of what she had done and swore to herself that she would never reveal to anyone the shameful act she committed. In the past year, Aideena has become very withdrawn, and in an attempt to bring her back out of her shell, her parents convince her to attend a ball being held in honor of the Baron Orran.

Several days prior to the ball, Aideena’s sister was kidnapped, and on that fateful day, Aideena walked into Dragonborn & Dragonborn Scrutineering to see if anyone would be able to help her recover Eolande. It was there that she met Targoth Fastclaw and Audra Trowbridge. The two helped Aideena rescue Eolande from the goblin Borderlanders, and henceforth, Aideena has been bound to the duo by the eladrin force known as beochas, or “life-debt,” until such time as the debt has been repaid.

After the Ball
Aideena continues to bear a tremendous grudge of unknown cause against humankind. Although her life once had purpose, she now wanders Dakkon semi-aimlessly. At the Baron’s Ball, she reunited with Targoth Fastclaw and Audra Trowbridge, both of whom had previously helped Aideena recover her kidnapped sister Eolande. After Baron Orran was murdered that night, Targoth, Audra, and Aideena joined together with fellow guests Jack and Onath, and for reasons unclear to her, even, she followed the troupe to Bashar.

In the Fated Clearing
Aideena was confronted by her past as a group of burnt spirits and bodies reanimated in a clearing on the Denescal Sea. They had one clear target—Aideena—and once Horsebane was safely in private quarters on the Landing, she revealed (more or less) the reason why:

(From original bio) "Aideena was devastated. Consumed by grief, she ran deep into the Great Forest, away from any sign of civilization for weeks. Then, one day, she heard two men walking through the forest, speaking Common to one another. Humans. She followed the two men back to a small clearing, where about twenty humans had set up camp. She watched intently as the men returned to camp. Other men came out of the tents and clapped the two wanderers on the back. Four or five children ran out to their feet and began asking a barrage of questions. Just then, a dark-haired woman exited one of the tents and ran to her husband for a joyous reunion. She grabbed her husband around the neck, jumped into his arms, and kissed him repeatedly, relieved and overjoyed for his safe return.

“At seeing this happy scene,…painful memories…resurfaced in Aideena’s mind…Tears of rage began to well up in Aideena’s turquoise eyes. Unable to feel anything but hatred for those stupid little creatures that had wronged her so deeply, her mind grew blank, and the whole camp was encircled in flames, leaving no way for the humans to get out. More fire rained down on the humans, and the tents all burst into flames. The roar of the fire drowned out the screams of the humans, and the fire raged until those screams were silenced. And then, as quickly as it at started, the flames were extinguished. All twenty of the humans in the camp were dead.”

Feelings of Confusion
As the party continues on their quest, Aideena is puzzled by a couple of things. #1-Why does she continue to fight alongside Audra and protect her, when her life-debt has been repaid? #2 Also, she fears Jack’s reaction to hearing about the atrocity she committed against the human caravan. Why does Aideena seem to have such a fondness for Jack, the one true human of Horsebane, when she frequently expresses such animosity towards humans? Furthermore, why does she feel less hatred for humans in general? Are they truly not as vile and traitorous as she previously thought?

Return to the Feywild
One of the recent events that has troubled Aideena is the closing of the Feywild to the Prime Plane. Fey steps have become increasingly difficult and taxing; smaller creatures and plants of fey origin have been dying, cut off from their homeland and main source of nourishment. With the help of her party, who have a vested interest in going to the Feywild to find Fiamma, and some prominent residents of Delaine, Aideena manages to circumnavigate the closed boundary by first traveling through the Shadowfell to arrive at the Feywild.

While in the Feywild, the party learns some of the speculation surrounding the closure, including who was in favor, who was against, how the Witch of Fates supposedly tipped the scales to make the closure happen, and even theories about how it was actually done, mechanically (arcanically?) speaking. It sounded as though the closure was the result of tangled ley lines. We later learn that this is, in fact, true, and after trips through Calathea, the Tower of Dream, and the mythical Towers of the Turning Day, we also learn that all the ley lines are tied up in the Worlds Tree at the center of the Maze of Fathagn. Viri gives Aideena a rare dagger that will help her untangle the ley lines, but which requires sacrifice from a “child of Faerie.” Aideena accepts.

After the Towers of the Turning Day, the party also receives another member—Fiamma, who is not only the lost daughter of the king, but who also, Aideena eventually realizes, is the sole survivor of the fiery massacre that Aideena caused a couple of years ago. Brutally scarred from head to toe, Fiamma (understandably) steers fairly clear of Aideena.

In the maze, Aideena climbs the Worlds Tree to offer herself as sacrifice. Enormous amounts of arcane energy flow through her as the ley lines (which make up the maze itself) unfurl and unravel around her. Though it initially appears Aideena is dead, she is eventually revived, although very weak for days. Her quest to reopen the Feywild is complete.

Paragon Path
Aideena is troubled by the knowledge of what she did to Fiamma, and although Fiamma forgives her, Aideena feels burdened by her guilt, even more so than before. This guilt increases exponentially when Fiamma is brutally slain by Tavrix during the Resistance rendezvous in the warehouse in Easar.

During the final confrontation with Denadra and Tavrix in the throne room, Aideena is imbued with Fiamma’s residual spirit, and becomes an Arcane Wayfarer, twisting and turning the fabric of space around her and everyone around her.

A Life or Death Decision
Since returning from the Feywild, and with increasing frequency, Aideena has begun to hear strange voices whenever she uses her fire. A deep, penetrating voice calls to her in Primordial with a single name—“Imix.” In addition to this, she dreams of fire, and that same voice telling her that she will “serve him well.” These new occurrences are troubling to her, but she does not alert the party, especially since it is none of their Sehanine-damned business.

When Horsebane reencounters Onath (or the horribly disfigured shell of what used to be their former companion), a zone of annihilation—a horrible void—is created in the middle of their battlefield. Jack is knocked unconscious and dragged into the mire. Knowing that Jack will die (again) if she doesn’t act quickly, Aideena concocts a plan that involves some trickery and self-sacrifice, and probably some fire, too. She says a quick prayer to Sehanine that her trickery work, and is surprised to hear an immediate response. More surprising still, the voice is not that of Sehanine, but the same deep voice from her dreams.

It is Imix, a primordial god, who offers her help in exchange for her allegiance and service. Aideena has only a few moments to decide whether she should accept help from a god she has previously never heard of, and ultimately swears herself to Imix in exchange for his help in saving Jack. As she does, Aideena is stripped of her eladrin features, turning into a being of pure fire, and managing to pull Jack from the abyss.

Eben confronts her angrily even though she has not had any time to process what has happened to her. Aideena herself does not know what this new allegiance means for her and her companions, and while she feels the magnitude and awesomeness of her new powers, she fears what the future now holds for her.

Aideena Caelan

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