Ariniel Who Walks Ahead

Mysterious Seer


Ariniel Who Walks Ahead is an eladrin of indeterminate age. He lives in the Feywild, in the Towers of the Turning Day, and he is an oracle. Unlike most oracles, who can only see one outcome, he can see all outcomes and, it is hinted, knows the true fate of the multiverse.

It is for this reason that he does not overly involve himself in what happens in the world, preferring instead to allow people their illusion of free will. This behavior is in contrast to that other powerful being—Viri—who is known to be active in events and help shape their outcomes.

The party met Ariniel Who Walks Ahead while searching for Fiamma, who is found in Ariniel’s company, and while looking for a way to reopen the Feywild. It is Ariniel who tells the party how they will need to accomplish this—by unknotting the leylines around the Worlds Tree in the Maze of Fathagn.

The party has not seen him since leaving the Feywild.

Ariniel Who Walks Ahead

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