Baron Talak Kaldashar


Baron Talak Kaldashar is the hereditary vassal of the King who controls the city of Riven, which lies near Tammarach’s Pass. His rulership has been widely considered effective; the city has prospered under his oversight and the Pass has remained peaceful even as the dragonborn cities of the Dragonchain had disbanded and integrated into Dakkon.

Baron Kaldashar has three sons: Talvor, Jalmari and Rithar. Their mother, Emeld Kaldashar, died while giving birth to Rithar. While Tavlor was born severely handicapped, Jalmari and Rithar became leaders of the Second Dawn movement upon meeting Prince Navuul Denadra; sometime thereafter, Baron Kaldashar was inducted into the resistance movement. Though this at first seems contrary to his own interests as one of the three most powerful men in the kingdom after the royal family, Kaldashar had privately grown concerned over the aggrandizement of the King. Though such had not occurred since the founding of Dakkon, Kaldashar, a keen historian, was aware of fiefdoms during the Warring City-States Period where heirs to houses had not been determined by strict primogeniture; unfortunately, such selection processes were not part of the royal tradition. As such, Kaldashar saw a need to confront the reality that other methods may be needed to effect regime change.

Though he would never say it in the presence of his father, Jalmari believes that another, more personal motivation drove him: some years prior, Chancellor Tavrix had encouraged Baron Kaldashar to arrange for his firstborn son’s death so that power could pass to Jalmari, as that was the only means of circumventing the dictates of primogeniture. Refusing to do so meant that he had earned the ire of the King—and the likelihood that Talvor would not long survive if Kaldashar were to die. Thus, a power play that put Navuul on the throne might loosen the primogeniture system enough for Kaldashar to safely pass the Barony to Jalmari while ensuring that Talvor would not be killed in order to aid a smoother succession.

Baron Kaldashar became the subject of an assassination attempt by Chancellor Evvon Tavrix; his survival is due to the intervention of the party. At current time, Kaldashar has escaped to a redoubt in the foothills of the Dragonchain, where he is marshaling a small garrison in order to return to Riven.

Baron Talak Kaldashar

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