Baron Voldrael Orran

The Archduke Ferdinand of Dakkon.


Voldrael, the current Baron of Orran, has ruled since the death of his father, Laxander. His Barony bears his family name and indeed the city of Orran remains steadfastly in support of the House of Orran. Under his rule, Orran has prospered and grown into the most powerful of the outlying cities of Dakkon. Though he has been married to Baroness Karyaen Orran for twenty years, he has no issue; thus, the future of the House of Orran is very much in question. Underground scheming has begun in Easar and elsewhere in order to determine his replacement.

That scheming is cut brutally short when the Baron is murdered by Chancellor Evvon Tavrix, setting off a chain of events that unfolds still. At the center of these events: five compatriots who unraveled the mystery of the Baron’s murder, discovered deeper and more sinister mysteries, and began a kingdom-shaking journey to uncover just how far the rot in Dakkon has spread.

Baron Voldrael Orran

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