Baroness Karyaen Orran


The Baroness, formerly of the Minor House Issald, married Baron Voldrael Orran at a relatively young age. The marriage was arranged, and both that and the wide disparity in their ages has meant that their marriage has been a loveless one indeed. She has not produced an heir and as time has passed, sources in the castle say that she and the Baron have been increasingly estranged. Nonetheless, she is well-respected by the citizens of Orran as a fair and just Baroness.

After the death of the Baron and wracked with guilt over her affair with Wulfgar, Son of Hefgar, Baroness Orran decides to make her stand in the city she calls home. With the aid of High Priest Tanis Gavrash, she besieges the city once it is taken by Crown Prince Ashtar Denadra. With aid from Lord Leftheris Miden and other sympathizers, she is able to maintain a siege for quite some time. Supply lines dried up after some time and she was forced to either starve her army or end the siege.

After abandoning the siege of Orran following the elimination of most of her loyalists, the Baroness traveled under secret down the Votane to join the resistance. She is smuggled into Easar with High Priest Tanis Gavrash.

She retains a high degree of popularity in Orran amongst the underground loyalist factions, which attempted to bring down Crown Prince Ashtar Denadra from within when he took the city.

After the siege on the warehouse in Easar, when so many members of the Resistance were forced into hiding or captured, the Baroness was unfortunately among the latter and has been killed.

Baroness Karyaen Orran

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