Constable Aden Yardley


Constable Aden Yardley is the resident chief lawkeeper in Orran. Targoth and Kasra Fastclaw had occasion to work with him, sometimes together and sometimes in competition.

Yardley is an honorable sort of fellow, who pursues cases with the doggedness of a faithful hound, most commonly on the correct scent but occasionally off the mark. Targoth’s scrutineering, as part of Dragonborn & Dragonborn, led him to work on cases of Yardley’s, who appreciated his help but complained frequently that Targoth’s talent was wasted operating outside of official channels. Still, their relationship is cordial, if not jovial.

Yardley appeared conflicted when Tavrix attacked the members of Horsebane on the night of Baron Orran’s murder—he swore fealty to the crown, and that meant something to him, but he understood that Tavrix’s actions meant that something more sinister was afoot.

Constable Aden Yardley

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