Constable Druuk


Druuk is a half-orc and former constable of Bashar.

The brusque Druuk put to death the a companion of Targoth and Kasra with no concrete evidence to substantiate his case; when Targoth tried to step in, Druuk threatened to put him to death too. In the wake of these events, Targoth and Kasra swore to take revenge on Druuk someday.

When Horsebane’s path led Targoth to Bashar once more, he girded his loins for a showdown, but found Druuk missing. He had apparently skipped town; Targoth found evidence of his presence in the Borderlanders’ lair, but no actual Druuk.

The party has since had several run-ins with Druuk, who has since resurfaced in Easar, including an incident in which half of the party was attempting to break a friend out of Druuk’s jail in Docksides. Evidence has come to light, thanks to some deduction and help from Kairon Arteymus, that Druuk is, in fact, heavily involved with Morage and the Borderlanders.


Constable Druuk

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