Davina Allexi nee Berawell


Davina was born and raised in Dakkon’s capital of Easar. The only daughter of Voler Berawell, the wealthiest merchant in Easar, and his wife Mela, she enjoyed many of the luxuries that such a status had to offer. However, one drawback to such a position in life was that she was perpetually the pawn of her parents’ social ladder-climbing games. Forced to see many a suitor at her father’s insistence, she was relieved to be introduced to Pieter Allexi, the incredibly handsome son of Lord and Lady Allexi of Orran, only to be disappointed that he was not intended as a suitor; he was merely staying with the Berawells on business.

Davina did not want to let this opportunity pass her by. She did her best to be charming and pleasant whenever Pieter was around, and shortly, Voler became cognizant of his daughter’s interest. Given that Pieter was a minor noble, albeit in the podunk town of Orran, Voler began to push for a courtship. After a remarkable and unusually quick courtship of only two months, the couple was wed and returned to Pieter’s hometown of Orran. There was some speculation on why the courtship was so short before the marriage, but nothing was ever substantiated. The people of Orran accepted her readily, blindly even, and seemingly ignored any time in their city’s history when the young noble was not married to Davina.

Davina is smart, if a little superficial, and reasonably well-educated. She is not unkind, but is self-centered and prone to climbing the social ladder herself. She had not been in Orran long—a matter of months—before she was kidnapped by the Borderlanders to be held for ransom. She was rescued by the members of Horsebane, four of whom were very kind and concerned for her safety, and one of whom—an eladrin—was exceedingly rude. Nevertheless, she has offered them her services and hospitality should they ever need it.

After her release from the Borderlanders’ redoubt in the mountains north of Orran, Davina fell in with the resistance movement in Orran. Her husband, who was loyal to the Baron, also joined the movement, leveraging their house’s personnel and largess to attempt to foment dissent from within. Though their efforts caused severe disruption to the city, they were unable to unseat the Crown Prince. They left under cover of darkness, traveling with their retinue to Easar, where they reestablished their House in the outskirts of Eastwind.

Following the raid on the warehouse, the Allexis went to ground, but the party has recently discovered that they are still alive and working with Lord Ortia.

Davina Allexi nee Berawell

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