Divine Augur Thanalos Rexii


The late Thanalos Rexii is the Divine Augur who gave the prophecy which drove then-Crown Prince Itane Denadra to slay every listener in the room: a courtier who was the younger brother of Lord Leftheris Miden, the Crown Prince’s Scrivener, a serving girl, and the Divine Augur himself.

The Divine Augur was imprisoned and tortured for information while the other listeners were summarily executed. However, before the scrivener was killed, he was able to write a short cypher out on a small scroll which was placed in a special spy’s pouch in his scrivener’s robes; such a pouch is known to the Master Scrivener, but to none others. It is used in just such circumstances, and when the body was returned to the Scriveners’ Academy, the scroll was retrieved. The message did not contain the prophecy itself, but did mention the fact that the Divine Augur was to be executed.

The Divine Augur was smuggled out of his cell by Guildmistress Solange of the Guild of the Garter and taken in secret to the Clearwater Clan of halflings, who ply the waters of the Denescal Sea. The Divine Augur left nearly immediately, leaving a map to his tomb and instructions with Samsul Clearwater that the map was to be given only to “five of the races of the world who come before the Master of the Ships.”

The Divine Augur leaves Samsul with epithets for each of the members of the party: The Queen’s Pawn, The Many, The Favored of the Raven, The One of Myriad Faces and She Who Burns Too Bright. The exact identities of those monikers have yet to be determined.

Divine Augur Thanalos Rexii

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