Eolande Caelan


Eolande is the eldest of the three Caelan children, and thus Aideena’s older sister. Eolande was 16 at the time of her family’s exile to Dakkon, and of the three children, she had the hardest time acclimating to the non-Feywild. She remembers Calathea with much more clarity than the other two and, in fact, occasionally feels pangs of homesickness for it. Currently, she is deeply troubled by the closings of the Fey crossings.

Eolande studied in Easar and excelled in all her studies. She took particular interest in the history of Dakkon, Dakkonian-Fey relations, and the Denadra lineage.

Since childhood, Eolande has always been exceedingly graceful and charming, even for an eladrin. She appears to get along with most people effortlessly and has an uncanny way of getting people to see things her way. After the incident with the Borderlanders, when she was kidnapped and held hostage, she discovered that this ability seemed to be even more focused, as though she could almost see a pathway through the person’s thoughts in front of her. . .

Eolande Caelan

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