Fiamma Denadra

The daughter smuggled out by Ardal Moonghall; does she yet live?


Fiamma Denadra is the only female child of King Itane Denadra to survive his systematic purging of his female issue. Eighteen years ago, she was smuggled to safety by Guildmistress Solange and Kaiva Moonghall’s father, the Minor Lord Ardal Moonghall, days after her birth. Moonghall’s perfidy was subsequently discovered, leading to his murder, but the child made it safely into the hands of the Guild of the Garter, which placed her with a nomadic family, the Minceirs, who were traveling into the Great Forest. Solange charged the party with finding Fiamma, believing that the Prophecy of the Divine Augur Thanalos Rexii was somehow related to the deaths of her sisters—and to her survival.

Whether Fiamma lived into adulthood was unknown until the party found her in the Feywild. Badly scarred from head to toe, she constantly covered herself with her robe and showed a paralyzing fear of fire, which Aideena realized was because of her from her infamous slaughter in the Great Forest. However, Fiamma was far from weak and showed great prowess in the field of teleportation.

Fiamma became the embodiment of the Resistance’s cause, a cause that was demoralized but not weakened when she was slain by Chancellor Tavrix. As Horsebane went into the great battle against Denadra, the king’s rejected daughter was reborn like a phoenix from the flames, bolstering the party’s defenses, and passing on her powers to Aideena, who has since taken up her mantle.

Fiamma Denadra

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