Guildmistress Solange


Guildmistress Solange—nothing else is known of her full name—is the leader of the Guild of the Garter, which is ostensibly the organization which oversees legal prostitution in Dakkon. Based out of Easar, the Guild of the Garter operates Guildhouses in all the cities of the kingdom; those Guildhouses report to the Chapterhouse in the capitol city.

Solange is first seen at the side of Baron Kaldashar, where she plays a crucial role in his survival during the attempts on his life. As someone who has operated in Easar for a number of years, she knows much of the clandestine goings-on there. Moreover, she was, along with the late Minor Lord Ardal Moonghall, responsible for smuggling out the only surviving girl child of the current king, Itane Denadra. She has the trust of not only Baron Kaldashar, but of his son, Jalmari Kaldashar, who is one of the leaders of the resistance organization Second Dawn.

Solange relays to the party crucial information about the King’s child and about another critical event: some time before the birth of the child, King Quintus’s Divine Augur, Thanalos Rexii, revealed a prophecy regarding then-Crown Prince Itane. Upon revelation of the prophecy, Crown Prince Itane had all who heard summarily executed. Before his death, the Divine Augur was smuggled out of the city, where he was given over to the Clearwater clan of halflings. It is Solange’s belief that the two events are connected; this conviction was shared by Lord Moonghall. Both were smuggled out of the city through a series of tunnels known to few outside of the Guild; these tunnels connect the royal palace with one of the guildhouses in Easar and also, through roundabout means, connect some guildhouses to places outside of the city.

With Solange’s aid, the party escapes Riven with the baron in tow; upon exiting the city walls, however, they are beset by Chancellor Evvon Tavrix, who, aided by a black dragon, attempts to slay the party. It is during this fight that Solange reveals a closely-held secret: she is both Guildmistress of the Garter and shadow-trained assassin. After the battle, she accompanies the party to a safe location outside the city, ensuring the continued survival of Baron Kaldashar before returning to the Chapterhouse in Easar.

As part of the leadership of Second Dawn, Solange is working with Jalmari Kaldashar and other Second Dawn members on the plot to overthrow the king. Having been identified as a traitor by Chancellor Tavrix in the battle at Riven, Solange has been forced into hiding, moving from guildhouse to guildhouse in an effort to stay one step ahead of the King’s Guard and Inquisitors.

After the battle at the warehouse in Easar, Solange and her personal bodyguard Adhara accompanied the party onto the boat that ultimately got us to the hidden entrance to the Thaumaturgy. Solange and Adhara, along with Jalmari Kaldashar, accompany the party to Riven. She doesn’t stay there long, however, before she decides that she must leave on another task.

The party does not see her again until they meet up with her and Jalmari in Easar. She looks exhausted and tells them what has happened since they’ve been on the quest to create a distraction in the form of the Formorians.

Horsebane parts with her after she mentions that she and the guild are going to make a frontal assault. She is currently missing, her whereabouts unknown, but the worst is feared given the events that transpired at the palace.

Guildmistress Solange

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