High Priest Tanis Gavrash


High Priest Gavrash was trained as a Divine Warrior at The Cloisters and was first assigned by royal decree to Orran ten years ago. Since then, his aspiration to ascend to the Council of Eight has been an open secret. As the pace of new converts to Erathis has slowed and attendance is down in the Temple of Erathis, his hopes at reassignment are rumored to have grown, although it seems his dreams of power in Easar may be dashed.

After the murder of the Baron by Chancellor Evvon Tavrix, the party encounters High Priest Gavrash in the tunnels that lead from the castle out beyond the city walls. There, having fought their way through hordes of the undead, they are rightly suspicious of Gavrash’s affiliations. He reveals to them that he has sworn allegiance to the Raven Queen and Sehanine, goddesses left out of the current Dakkoni pantheon. It is his mission to reunify the pantheon—even by overthrowing the king if necessary. Gavrash offers the party boons from his deities, but the party refuses. Gavrash allows the party to exit the tunnels regardless.

Several sources have since confirmed that High Priest Gavrash lent material aid to Baroness Orran as she besieged her former home after it was taken by the Crown Prince, using his powers in ways both subtle and overt in order to bolster her small army. After the Baroness withdrew the siege, Gavrash escorted the Baroness to Easar before traveling to Delaine to conduct research into the sealing of the Feywild and to rally support from the eladrin there. Gavrash’s intent was to raise an army to overthrow the Denadras and establish a quasi-theocratic state led by the Cloisters.

The High Priest has proven to be of great assistance to Horsebane on several occasions, the most recent being during the siege on the Denadra palace, and again back in Orran, as the party assassinated the Crown Prince. His undead armies, while unnatural and abhorrent to some, have been a valuable asset and, for the time being, used for good and not evil. His one condition for helping the party was that the barony of Orran be given to him. Gavrash is currently the Baron of Orran, Kasra Fastclaw his Knight Commander, and the Raven Queen the city’s patron deity.

High Priest Tanis Gavrash

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