Jack is small, quick, strong, and usually fairly quiet. He has demonstrated significant talent for singing, playing the flute and drum, juggling, tumbling, and various acrobatic tricks. His lack of interest in most people the party encounters has wavered only a few times, for a lost little girl in a cave, a troupe of ill-assorted minstrels, and a bright-eyed halfling named Daren. On multiple occasions, Jack has been accosted by people who seem to know something about him or about his past, but he has quickly brushed off most of their advances, and his party members have seemed oddly incurious about these encounters.

Jack’s personal loyalties within the party seem to lie mostly with Aideena, though he often teams up in battle with Audra and has collaborated musically with Targoth. Each member of the party appeals to a different facet of his shadowy background, and he is beginning to feel much more comfortable with them than he is without them.

The contingent prophecy Jack witnessed in view of the rest of the party involved him bleeding from a mortal wound in his side, crouched over the apparently dead body of a dark-haired woman.


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