Janus Swiftfoot


Age: 32
Height: 5’11"
Weight: approx. 150 lbs.
Occupation: Arcanist

Janus is a clever and fairly cunning wizard with a rebellious streak. However, he is too smart to let his love for dissent show publicly. He is outwardly very calm and collected and elicits trust from others very easily. He is known for his dry wit.


An old companion of Aideena’s from the Thaumaturgy, Janus has risen quickly through the ranks of the Thaumaturgy thanks to his skill with both words and wizardry. As a result, he serves as an assistant to the Lord Arcanist, who himself serves in the Royal Court. Aware of the growing dissent in the Thaumaturgy over both the direction the king was taking and his use of archanists in pursuit of those aims, Janus has been able to maintain an appearance of impartiality. However, he joined the Resistance fairly quickly and has been instrumental in getting the party in and out of Easar, particularly after the raid on the warehouse that left the Resistance scattered.

Janus Swiftfoot

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