Kairon Arteymus


Age: 29
Height: 6’4"
Weight: approx. 220 lbs.

Kairon is a trouble maker but very protective over a select few people who are close to him.


A former companion of Aideena’s from the Thaumaturgy, Kairon found himself in some legal trouble a few years back. Aideena secured him legal aid, and he was given a minimal sentence. After many years of not seeing him, Aideena encountered him again when she returned to Easar with Horsebane. He had been arrested for smuggling and was being held by Constable Druuk at Docksides. Aideena and Janus convince the party to break him out. A grateful Kairon ran off and laid low for awhile.

Kairon has recently resurfaced, having become a member of the Borderlanders. He has been conscripted by Targoth in particular to investigate the identity of Morage.

Kairon Arteymus

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