Kasra Fastclaw

Cousin of Targoth and co-scrutineer/bookkeeper of Dragonborn & Dragonborn.


Kasra Fastclaw is a dragonborn from the Dragonchain city of Ternesj’rach. She is a cousin of Targoth’s, and the two were friends, although not close, when they were younger and still lived up in the mountains.

When Ternesj’rach was abandoned, Kasra planned to travel to Easar to study at the Scrivener’s Academy as an Arbiter. However, she tarried in Riven a while and started doing business with Targoth, managing the logistical and bookkeeping end of their nascent scrutineering effort. Seeing the potential in their business, she journeyed with him to Orran to find a location where the supply-demand relationship between law-breakers and law-makers was more in their favor (see Targoth’s bio for the events that transpired while on the road).

In Orran, Kasra ensured that Dragonborn & Dragonborn Scrutineering Agency never had a dearth of clients and always had meticulously managed archives. She quietly began in her spare time to look into what connections the constable Druuk might have which they could use to bring about his downfall. Their business, and her research, were interrupted by Targoth’s involvement with Horsebane.

After having left Orran, Targoth had not communicated with his cousin more than one or two brief messages. The two are reunited briefly when Horsebane is taken prisoner by the Crown Prince Ashtar Denadra’s guards in Orran. Luckily for the party, Kasra has infiltrated the guard, and she becomes instrumental in the completion of their goal of killing the Prince. After Tanis Gavrash takes the barony, she becomes his Knight Commander.

Kasra Fastclaw

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