Lord Jalmari Kaldashar

AKA Sathaan Faladrin, AKA Lorcan Raifsen


Age: 27
Height: 5’10"
Weight: approx. 160 lbs
Of House Kaldashar of Riven


Jalmari Kaldashar is the son of the Baron Talak Kaldashar of Riven and is the acknowledged head of the secret resistance organization Second Dawn. He functions under several assumed names, including Sathaan Faladrin—a brand-new member of SD assigned to escort Audra Trowbridge to Baron Orran’s ball—and his cover identity for that mission, Lorcan Raifsen. His real intent on this mission was to vet Audra as a more highly placed member of their organization.

Jalmari met and became personal friends with Navuul when they both served on the king’s guard in Il Aren. Both of the young men bore grudges against the Crown, especially Navuul for the lifetime of neglect and disinterest he suffered from his father. The two developed the idea of Second Dawn, a movement with the goal of putting Navuul into power as heir to the throne in place of his elder brother Ashtar. They very quickly recruited followers, including Lord Miden of Bashar.

It becomes quickly apparent that Navuul’s direct participation in Second Dawn is too dangerous, so he allows Jalmari to oversee the cells and be the effective head of the organizaion, his official title being “Spymaster.”

As King Denadra began his campaign against the various baronies of Dakkon, it became clear to Jalmari that his father’s title and/or life were at stake. He enlisted the help of Audra and her four new companions to aid him in securing the city of Riven, clearing his father’s name, and, when that failed, helping him escape execution.

Since that time, Jalmari and Horsebane have worked closely together towards the goal of Second Dawn. Jalmari helped Horsebane sneak into the palace for the attempted assassination of the king by holding off their pursuers and presumably died in the act. Before his apparent death, however, he conferred on Audra, now revealed to some as Kaiva Moonghall, the title of Spymaster.

Lord Jalmari Kaldashar

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