Prince Ashtar Denadra

The eldest of Itane Denadra's three sons


Ashtar is the firstborn of King Itane Denadra’s three sons, and the heir apparent to the kingdom of Dakkon. As tensions began to rise between the kingdoms of Dakkon and Hazen, Ashtar participated in a deal between himself, his youngest brother Tanaidred, and his father, and a powerful demon from one of the nine hells. This unholy pact gave the three Denadra men powers few could ever imagine.

Horsebane first began pursuing Ashtar following the World Break. At the behest of Ashtar’s younger brother Navuul, the party is attempting to assassinate anyone from the Denadra family that took part in the demonic pact. They successfully eliminated Ashtar on the day of his coronation as Baron of Orran following a grueling gladiator-style stadium battle.

Prince Ashtar Denadra

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