Prince Navuul Denadra

Second son of King Itane Denadra


Prince Navuul, second son of King Itane Denadra, is far less well-known than his elder brother, the Crown Prince. Those who know the young prince state that he is more even-tempered and just than either of his brothers—though few would voice such opinions aloud.

Few people know Navuul’s most dangerous secret: he is at the heart of the Second Dawn resistance movement. Second Dawn, established as an effort to maneuver Navuul onto the throne, is the work of Navuul and the young Lords Jalmari and Rithar Kaldashar. Since then, the movement has grown to encompass a network of dissidents, though none other than Guildmistress Solange and the Kaldashars—as well as the party—know that Navuul is at the heart of it.

Good intelligence places Prince Navuul somewhere between Easar and Riven, where it is expected that he will take command of the city in the wake of the deposition of Baron Talak Kaldashar.

Prince Navuul Denadra

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