Prince Tanaidred Denadra

Youngest son of King Itane Denadra


Tanaidred was the youngest of King Itane Denadra’s three sons. As tensions began to rise between the kingdoms of Dakkon and Hazen, Tanaidred was brought into a deal between himself, his eldest brother Ashtar, and his father, and a powerful demon from one of the nine hells. This unholy pact gave the three Denadra men powers few could ever imagine.

Tanaidred met his demise at the hands of Horsebane following the World Break. He had been at a performance of “Midwinter’s Eve” at a theater in Riversend, and following the show, he went backstage to congratulate the actors, at which time the five accosted and overtook the Prince and his men.

Prince Tanaidred Denadra

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