Raven Queen

The Goddess of Death, Fate, and Winter


The Raven Queen is the goddess of death, fate and winter. Her name has long been forgotten. She is one of two goddesses—Sehanine being the other—from the main pantheon of deities to be outlawed in Dakkon. Her devotees are forced underground and work towards a day when they will be allowed to worship freely and publicly.

Horsebane is very familiar with the Raven Queen, particularly because of Jack’s close connection to Her as the Favorite of the Raven. She has factored heavily into Jack’s life through dreams and visions, and is the goddess that Eben serves. She is also the primary force behind the party’s pursuit of the pearls, and has—on more than one occasion—assisted the party in their destruction.

High Priest Tanis Gavrash is also one of her devotees.

Raven Queen

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