Samsul Clearwater

Former Master of the Ships


Samsul Clearwater was, until recently, the Master of the Ships and leader of all the halfling clans. The position had been held by the Clearwater clan for ten years when control passed to Oresti Windraker of the Windraker clan. Samsul had attempted to have his son Belsul take his place as the Master of the Ships, but failed due in part to the intervention of the party.

Samsul’s tenure as Master of the Ships saw the halflings retreat somewhat from Dakkoni affairs. For many years, Samsul had seen his clan, and by extension halflings generally, as removed from and not subject to the laws—nor whims—of Dakkon and its kings. His policy of neutrality and isolationism served the halfling clans well in its time, but the ascension of the Windrakers hails a new, more interventionist period in halfling politics.

The isolationism embraced by Samsul is the direct result of seeing the increasing aggrandizement of King Itane Denadra, who has begun to use willing members of the Seaspear clan to construct military vessels for his use. However, Samsul’s first inclinations toward isolationism began when he aided in the smuggling of Divine Augur Thanalos Rexii from Easar into the Great Forest. Though the Divine Augur did not reveal any prophecies to the Clearwaters, Samsul nevertheless knew that he was hunted by the Crown Prince’s death squads. The Clearwaters hid the Divine Augur for a few days as he recovered from his injuries; upon doing so, he immediately left before he could be traced to the clan. The current whereabouts of the Divine Augur are unknown, but as he left Samsul with directions to his tomb, it can only be assumed that he is deceased.

After the party secures Oresti Windraker as the Master of the Ships, Samsul begins to see the potential error of his isolationism; that and the realization that the party are the ones for whom the Divine Augur bade him look out cause him to divulge to the party the location of the Divine Augur’s tomb, as well as ascribe the following epithets to the party: The Favored of the Raven, The Queen’s Pawn, The Many, The One of Myriad Faces and She Who Burns too Bright. To whom those appellations apply remains to be determined in full.

Samsul Clearwater

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