Spyridon Trueborn

A dragonborn recluse in the mountains north of Orran.


Spyridon Trueborn is an old dragonborn; his scales are dull and whitened at the edges, and his body is almost as thin as a human’s. For all that he appears old, however, he does not look frail.

Spyridon was born on Aussir Okarthel (“White Home”), the large island off the Grey Coast, which was an island where only dragonborn live and where the great bronze dragon Brindis once held sway. Under her rule, great bellows pumped heat and light into the dragonborn settlement, thwarting the cold that had held all other humanoids at bay. Almost a hundred years ago, the bronze dragon died and the dragonborn dispersed, leaving Aussir Okarthel to give over into the cold of the north. As they traveled through Dakkon in search of a new home, their numbers dwindled as many grew old or as others were killed. Spyridon is the last of his clan, and he is here because he does not wish to join the human cities.

Spyridon evinces some of the pride common in members of his race, considering the humans who now inhabit Dakkon interlopers into lands once belonging to his kind. He asserts that humans have made shells of ancient dragonborn monuments and claims to worship Io, the Broken God, from whose sundering legend holds the dragon god Bahamut and the dragon goddess Tiamat sprang into being.

Spyridon has spent much of his life studying the ways of the ancient dragonborn of Arkhosia. As such, he recognizes Targoth Fastclaw’s clan and surname, correctly identifying Targoth as a scion of Ternesj’rach. Further, he reveals that the dragonborn of Ternesj’rach were among the few who still serve the Broken God. The Ornkear line of dragonborn, from which Targoth hails, were noteworthy among Arkhosian families. Spyridon relates that in Arkhosia’s last days the Ornkear line produced Maekrix Ageash (Ah-GAYSH) Haurach, the most honored of dragonborn, and one of the most hated: the traitorous Rakael Thadarsh, who was first lieutenant to the Grey Worm Zebukiel himself. Targoth’s mentor Saresh is known to Spyridon, who affirms that Saresh is a historian and font of knowledge about the ancient dragonborn who once ruled these lands.

Before the party departs, Spyridon reforges Targoth’s sword into a Harmonic Songblade and warns the party that they would do well to avoid ruins west of the road into Bashar, for there lies the lair of Samskeyti, the great white dragon of the north.

Spyridon Trueborn

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