Wulfgar, Son of Hefgar

A barbarian of not-quite-ill repute from the Frostmarch


Wulfgar, son of Hefgar is a diplomat from Mt. Azazoth, representing one of the largest barbarian tribes of the Frostmarch. The barbarians occasionally skirmish with the few remaining dragonborn who live in the Dragonchain, but of late they have worked to improve their relations with Riven, Bashar and Orran. Few Dakkoni venture into the Frostmarch, so the barbarians’ way of life and sociocultural organization remain mysterious. Wulfgar is surprisingly cultured given his barbarian heritage, yet their reputation for violence and conflict is at odds with his role as lead diplomat.

Wulfgar and Baroness Karyaen Orran were involved in a clandestine extramarital affair at the time of Baron Voldrael Orran‘s death. Some time after the Baron’s demise, Chancellor Evvon Tavrix discovered their affair, using this information to force Wulfgar to betray Baron Talak Kaldashar at a sham trial in Riven. Wulfgar, aided by the party, refused to go along with Chancellor Tavrix’s scheme.

After the trial and subsequent battle in the streets of Riven, Wulfgar met with the resistance in Riven and traveled to his homelands in the Frostmarch to secure the Barbarians’ support for the Kaldashars. Though he (and the armies he represents) preferred the direct approach Gavrash advocated for the direction of the resistance, his personal loyalties lay with Lord Jalmari Kaldashar.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Wulfgar, Son of Hefgar

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