Dakkon’s main geographic feature is the massive forest known only as the Great Forest. It divides the Eastwolds from the Westwolds and stretches from the Kingshield to the edges of Blackfen. Though roads exist through both wildernesses, the Great Forest and Blackfen make overland travel between the border cities and the heart of the kingdom difficult for all but the most skilled travelers. Fey things lurk in the deepest parts of the Great Forest: portals to the Feywild and denizens who have made this world their home abound in the shadows, and only the hardiest adventurers leave the path that winds through the forest.

River travel on the Votane, however, is common, and in fact much of the wealth of Easar is derived from its location at the mouth of the river, which carries goods and people to and from the border towns. Lumber and ore from Bashar and Orran is carried on massive shallow-draft ships down to the refineries and lumber yards in Easar, which is the manufacturing hub of Dakkon. While the Great Forest divides the kingdom, making oversight of the border towns difficult, it is also the source of much of Dakkon’s natural resources and, thus, wealth.

Less can be said for Blackfen, the massive swamp that is the drainage basin for a fork of the Casen River. Located between the Great Forest and the Worldspine, Blackfen’s only notable exports are peat found in bogs throughout Blackfen and the tar that bubbles to the surface near Riversend. That town is the kingdom’s major source of naturally-occurring tar, which is used not only in the torches and lanterns that keep Dakkon’s cities lit, but also in the ships that ply the kingdom’s rivers and the Worldsea.

In the heart of the Great Forest flows the Denescal Sea, a massive inland body of water formed by the Votane and the Casen River. The Denescal Sea lies in a drainage basin and is the home of seminomadic halfling clans which provide much of the fish eaten by the inland cities. In the colder season, the halfling clans relocate to Riversend or Orran. Other major bodies of water include the half-frozen Lake Bashar in the High North, Braen Lake in the woods of the same name, the forked Dragon River which flows through Riven, and the Tylith River, which flows through Aldastra and empties into Braen Lake.

The Westwolds and the Eastwolds are large, rolling plains and meadows that are home to all manner of wild creature. They separate the cities of Dakkon, but are easily passable via the established wayroads. The roads are protected by the King’s Guard against the occasional creature and human bandit, but it is not advised that unarmed parties venture into the heart of the wolds, for roving bands and tribes of orcs, goblins and other such creatures are common, and they will not hesitate to attack.

The mountains to the north and south serve as natural borders for the Kingdom of Dakkon. While Dakkon claims all land up to the tundra line north of the Kingshield, that mountain chain indeed serves as a line of defense against invasion from the north. Generally, the only way to reach the capitol city is through Tammarach’s Pass or through the road that connects Bashar to Orran. Both of those routes are guarded well against assault. The Kingshield is also rich in ore deposits, and Bashar and Orran were founded largely to support the large populations of miners in those mountains. The Kingshield mines produce precious metals such as gold and silver and lesser metals such as iron ore, which is refined in Easar to produce steel.

The Worldspine, which borders Dakkon to the south, is far too steep and treacherous for mining or safe passage. Only one river, the River Sable, runs from the Worldspine; it feeds into Blackfen and is uninhabited along its length. Clouds mass easily along the high rises of the Worldspine, shrouding much of Blackfen in perpetual fog and rain; to the south of the mountains in lands beyond Dakkon’s reach, the Sighing Desert spreads for hundreds of miles. While historians explain that the Sighing Desert has a mundane reason for existing—that weather patterns created by the peaks of the towering Worldspine place the desert in a rain shadow, dooming it to permanent drought—those who believe in legends tell a tale that the Sighing Desert is an ancient wasteland, the vast site of a war fought centuries ago, and that the arcane and demonic powers leeched into the soil and left the land ruined for all time.

The Worldsea is the easternmost border of the Kingdom of Dakkon. The capitol city and the Jewel of the Worldsea, Il Aren, are the port cities of the kingdom. The two are divided by the Longshore, a stretch of barren, rocky coastline that is, like much of the Eastwolds, uninhabited. Giant frigates ply the trade routes between the two cities and the exotic lands south of the Sighing Desert. Not much is known of the lands on the far side of the Worldsea, but rumors abound of monstrous creatures five times the size of men, twisted aberrations that look like normal beasts gone horribly awry, and entire kingdoms ruled by creatures unknown in Vaalbara. No one alive has been able to verify the truth of those tales.


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