Worship in Dakkon focuses on those gods most familiar to the humanoids who have lived there since before Consolidation. Many common folk worship multiple gods and goddesses, praying to each in turn for the blessings they may confer on their supplicants. The most prominent of the pantheon is the goddess Erathis, whose altars can be found in every temple in Dakkon. Erathis, goddess of civilization, is the constant reminder of how quickly the kingdom rose from the wild—and how quickly it may fall. The Kings of Dakkon pay special homage to Erathis, claiming her intercession was instrumental to the founding of the kingdom. Other gods play a major role in the daily lives of commoners, who pray regularly to gods such as Bahamut for protection, Pelor for fertile crops, and Moradin to aid their skill at crafting.

By decree of King Aldran Denadra, each city has taken for itself a patron deity which represents the best to which that city aspires. The capitol city Easar took Bahamut, the protector god in whose name monarchs are crowned, as its patron god. The beautiful port city Il Aren chose Melora, goddess of the sea and the wild, to lend her aid to ships in need. Riven chose Kord, the god of battle, beseeching his protection against the hordes that once descended upon Dakkon through Tammarach’s Pass. Aldastra chose Pelor, the god of agriculture, to speed their harvests and lengthen the growing season. Bashar chose Corellon, the fey god of forest, to watch over their city as it sprung from the woods he seeded. Orran chose Erathis, the goddess of civilization, in the hope that she would protect and nurture the fledgling city as it grew at the edge of the kingdom. Riversend chose Moradin, the god of creation, as they struggled to build a city out of an unforgiving land. And last, Tal Morai chose Avandra, she who watches over travelers, asking her to shape their city to best serve those who cross through.

Typically, each city has one temple dedicated to their patron god and another temple which has altars to many of the gods that are most frequently worshipped in Dakkon. Erathis’s altar is usually the most prominent of these. Each town has a High Priest of Erathis and a High Priest dedicated to their local patron deity, with the exception of Orran, which has one High Priest of Erathis only; these priests are trained in Easar and dispatched by royal decree. High Priests generally serve in a post until death or reassignment by the king.

Along the wayroads that crisscross the kingdom, small stone shrines to Avandra, goddess of change, abound. Halflings in particular worship the goddess, who is a favorite of travelers and adventurers—both things for which halflings are known. There are rumors that in hidden groves of the Great Forest there exist fey shrines to Corellon, god of the eladrin, but none who claim to have seen one have ever been able to find it again.

Small, underground sects devoted to gods not chosen as local patron deities exist, but they are disbanded when discovered. Among them are sects devoted to Sehanine, goddess of love and trickery, Torog, god of jailers and torturers, Vecna, the god of secrets and the undead, Zehir, the god of darkness and assassins, and the more widespread but disavowed Cult of the Raven Queen,
she who harvests and judges the dead.


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