Chancellor Evvon Tavrix


Height: 6’

Weight (approx.): 170

Age and Race: 52, human

Occupation: King’s Chancellor, Lord of House Tavrix


When the party first met him, Chancellor Tavrix had recently arrived in Orran in order to discuss confidential matters with the Baron. The evening ball which ended in Baron Orran’s murder was held partially in Tavrix’s honor. Though House Orran is known for its loyalty to the Royal House, tensions have arisen of late due to the Baron’s resistance to King Denadra’s demand that the King’s Guard in Orran participate in border skirmishes with the dwarven kingdom of Hazen. It was possible that Tavrix was in Orran to reaffirm the commitment of House Orran to the good of the Kingdom of Dakkon.

During the ball, Chancellor Tavrix murdered the Baron, stabbing him and sending his body hurling down a flight of stairs. Upon being confronted by the party, Tavrix cried out to his liege and, through an unknown magic, brought several suits of armor to life to defend himself. After being bested by the party, Tavrix teleported out of the castle.

The party caught up with Tavrix in Riven, where he was busily plotting the demise of Baron Kaldashar. Tavrix’s plan in Riven was more subtle than his outright assassination of Baron Orran; Kaldashar was accused of treason and forced to undergo a sham trial. While the party was unsuccessful in proving Kaldashar’s innocence, they did infiltrate first Lord Tavrix’s estate (which led to a memorable rooftop battle) and, later, the gaol where the Baron awaited his fate. Upon springing the Baron from the gaol, the party encountered Tavrix and a black dragon outside the city. During the battle, Tavrix summoned a magic of unknown etiology, using it to somehow either create a clone or to split himself into two. When one instantiation of Tavrix was defeated, the other managed to escape into the city and vanish in a column of blackness.

The defeated Tavrix left behind a gem which had been dangling about his neck. The stone was a sapphire which had a strange flaw: a long black streak which ran the length of the gem. After some investigation, the party was able to determine that the gem contained a use of the ritual True Portal. Using it to travel to the Great Forest, they instead found themselves waylaid in what can only be described as one of the hells of the Plane Below. There, they were greeted by a surprised demon; that demon indicated that the party was not what it had been expecting, leading the party to suppose that Tavrix was in league with demonic forces.

Guildmistress Solange also shared these suppositions, telling the party that the magic Tavrix had used was some sort of “shadow magic” similar in some way to her own. Beyond that, the party has no further information on Tavrix or his whereabouts at current time.

After the party’s attempt at assassinating King Itane Denadra, the Chancellor fought by his liege’s side, but ultimately, the king allowed Tavrix to be killed by the party in order to save himself.

Chancellor Evvon Tavrix

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