Lord Daren Windraker


Height: 4’1”

Weight (approx.): 80

Age and Race: 22, Halfling

Occupation: Explorer, Trader


The young Lord Windraker hails from the renowned Windraker halfling clan, famous for generations of intrepid explorers whose work has expanded the trade routes of Dakkon both over land and water. Daren has proven no exception, as his work securing a new land route to Bashar has already earned him a commendation from King Denadra—and the ire of the Baron, for the route bypasses Orran and thus circumvents current Baronial decrees on the collection of trade levies.

After the murder of the Baron, Daren proves an ally of the party, agreeing to Targoth’s request to alert the halflings to Chancellor Tavrix’s treachery. He leaves in order to gather and inform the halfling ships of the events in Orran.

The party meets up with Windraker again when they journey to the Denescal Sea to discover the knowledge held by the Clearwater clan in connection with the fate of the King’s Divine Augur, Thanalos Rexii. Daren Windraker proves instrumental in both having set his own clan against the ambitions of the king and in explaining that all the halfling clans have met on the island known as The Landing in order to decide a new Master of the Ships. He then fills them in with what he knows of the intricacies of halfling intrigue; the party is able to use this information to deftly maneuver the Clearwaters off the Master of the Ships position and install the Windrakers instead. Daren’s father, Oresti Windraker, replaces Samsul Clearwater as the new Master of the Ships.

Daren Windraker has also taken a liking to Jack, and the two share an evening together before the party prepares to continue on their journey toward the tomb of the Divine Augur.

Since then, Daren and his clan have been of great aide to the party, including assisting in the siege on Denadra’s palace in Easar. Jack and Daren continue to have a fairly unfulfilled romance, full of tension and awkward longing.

Lord Daren Windraker

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