King Itane Denadra

Current imperialist king of Dakkon


The fourth and current ruler of Dakkon is King Itane Denadra, only living son of Quintus Denadra. His formal style of address is By the Light of Erathis, His Royal Majesty King Itane Denadra, Heir to the Throne of Swords, Defender of Tammarach’s Pass, Lord of the Guard. Of late, King Denadra has begun adding another title to his formal styling: Imperial Sovereign of Vaalbara.

Itane has ruled for only ten years, and for most of that time, little has changed since his father’s death. However, border skirmishes with Hazen have been on the increase, and halflings have increasingly found their skills required not for building and repairing merchant ships, but instead for designing and constructing vessels of war.

Itane Denadra has three sons: Ashtar, Navuul and Tanaidred. Ashtar is the eldest, at twenty-nine; Navuul is two years his junior and Tanaidred three years younger than Ashtar. Each scion of Itane has a different mother. Currently, Crown Prince Ashtar Denadra has been dispatched to Orran to rule in his father’s name; Prince Navuul is said to have been sent to Riven and Prince Tanaidred to Riversend.

Rumors of girl-children who were not allowed to live beyond birth are whispered among the noble classes, but none would dare stake their reputation—or their lives—voicing such a claim aloud. However, the party has learned that King Denadra did indeed have a girl child born to him, and that that girl was whisked out of Easar shortly after her birth by a minor noble, Ardal Moonghall, and Guildmistress Solange, the leader of the Guild of the Garter. That child, named Fiamma, was given to a young couple—Lys and Rankin Minceir—who lived with their family, a group of nomadic humans. Whether that girl has survived is currently unknown.

Of the cities that comprise Dakkon, the three baronies were ruled by King Denadra’s vassals: Riven was held by the human Baron Talak Kaldashar; Riversend was held by the tiefling Baron Luc Stygia; and Orran was held by the human Baron Voldrael Orran. Currently, Baron Orran is dead, Kaldashar is in hiding and Stygia is rumored to have died as well. While the majority of Dakkoni subjects believe that the barons died of disparate and unrelated causes, the party has discovered that at least one assassination and a second attempt were carried out by Chancellor Evvon Tavrix at the behest of King Denadra. What this portends for the fate of Dakkon is currently unknown.

King Itane Denadra

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