A Mysterious Woman


Also known as: The Witch of Fates, Viridia, Lady Vera Amyrillis, Vostara the Seeress, and Verdigris the Green Dragon

The woman of many identities who has seemingly led many lives and has been active in ancient historical events. The party first met her upon entering the Feywild for the first time. She has shown up numerous times since and has actively involved herself in the world’s affairs. It is known that she saw the fate of great Cendriane before it fell, and the party believes that she played a role in the ancient war between Arkhosia and Bael Turath, most specifically at the destruction of the Sunken City of Tarnebolge. She also appears to have interceded with the Moonghalls before they were swept up in the destruction of the Free Cities of Tas Tarsel and Essend. Powerful and yet restrained, she is very mysterious and not much is known about her.


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