The Tomb of the Divine Augur

In which the party finds a prophecy.

After we finish up at the trade moot, we continue along the trail towards a creek, following the most direct route to where we believe the tomb of the Divine Augur is located. As we get closer to the creek, we discover that it’s actually a bit bigger than a creek.

Before we reach it, however, there is a fork in the road. At the fork, there’s a road sign which indicates that one fork leads towards Delaine and the other leads to the Kingshield. Beyond the fork, there’s a clearing that we decide to investigate before going further. The clearing itself looks as though it’s been used before—many times, in fact—and there is all kinds of trash and debris left over from other travelers who’ve used it as a campsite. Jack finds a bottle that looks like it has water in it, though the bottle itself has a superficial crack, and he pockets it. There is nothing else of value that we discover, so we continue along the road towards the Kingshield.

As we travel along the road, we finally are able to see the river. It appears to be moving fairly quickly and looks clean and pure. I decide to stop along the river and fill my canteen and some of the other party members follow suit.

We stop near a stone bridge that crosses the river and, as we’re filling our canteens, I hear a slight rustling in the bushes behind us. I begin to turn around and am suddenly hit by an arrow.

I’m able to scream, but we have no other warning as two men pop out of the bushes and another comes charging at us from across the bridge.

There’re shouts of, “It’s them, get them!” and “Kagan, kill the girl!” One of the men also scolds the others and says that they were supposed to wait until we were on the bridge to attack.

At first, I thought they were after Aideena, but it becomes clear fairly quickly that they’re out to kill me. One of them comes at me—virtually ignoring the other members of the party—and he does something that causes my form to waver, which is utterly terrifying to me. He keeps attacking me, and sneers, “I know what you are, girl,” as he reaches for my face. As he does that, I lose control of my form for a second, but am able to teleport away.

One of the other men attacking calls out, “Something’s not right, Dajani.”

Unfortunately for me, he teleports with me and says, “You can’t run from us any longer, girl. Don’t think you can escape from me that easily, bitch.”

I pull out all the stops to defeat the man, throwing everything that I can at him, and I call out for help when it becomes clear that his sole interest is in killing me. Luckily, with the help of my party members, we are able to kill all but one member of the attacking party; the remaining member was pushed into the river and escapes downstream.

On searching the bodies, we discover 500gp on Dajani in the form of 5 platinum, a ritual scroll, and a paper that has Audra Trowbridge and Targoth Fastclaw on it, as well as the descriptions of Aideena, Jack, and Onath. There is no mention at all of Eben, so it seems clear that the information is a little dated.

We are able to find a place not too much further along the river to camp for the night and we have no problems.

The next day, we move off the road and our journey becomes more difficult, cutting through dense forest on a track that is barely wide enough for one person. The journey is arduous and there are clouds gathering near the mountains of the Kingshield. In the afternoon, the rain that had been threatening begins to fall, so we find an outcropping and huddle underneath, thinking to wait out the rain and rest awhile before continuing on. We spend the time telling stories and seeing to our weapons.

We decide not to wait until morning to continue on, merely taking a short rest. We make it the rest of the way to the gravesite and discover a wider path cleared amongst the trees, with some younger shoots coming off some of the branches.

At the end of the path, we see a rift in the ground that leads downwards. As we approach it, the earth erupts and two figures emerge. They are large and made of metal. They exhibit no comprehension when Targoth tries to talk to them, and it becomes clear that they are guardians with runes illuminated down their backs.

We fight them and are able to defeat them. As we approach the rift again, there is a light emanating from it, though it has dimmed slightly since we defeated the warders.

We are all able to make our way safely into the rift and are confronted with carved, smooth, dark rock, as though a passage has been shaped out of the earth. There is also a set of doors. Luckily, there don’t appear to be any traps.

Eben says that he feels the place is thrumming with very powerful divine energy—so much, that the person who constructed it wouldn’t have been able to survive it.

As the doors open, we are able to enter the tomb and it appears that it’s been locked away for a very long time, though it looks extraordinarily carefully constructed.

We are able to discern two paths going in opposite directions and, on the wall in front of us, there is a sigil which we stop to inspect. No one is able to recognize it, and we suspect it might be proprietary, made by the Divine Augur himself.

We decide to head left first and make our way around the corner. We can hear slow, well-timed screeching, like metal on rock, and we can tell it’s rhythmic and regular. As we see further into the passage, we can see that there are five pendulous blades swinging to and fro. They all reach the middle at the same time and are spread out over a large enough area that running through it looks risky and improbable. We are able to see, also, that there is a control panel on one of the walls on the far side of the blades, and it seems clear that someone needs to make their way across and disable the blades using the control panel.

Jack, as the most agile of the party, decides to be the one to make his way through the blades, which he is able to do without being hit. However, when he gets close to the control panel, he spots a statuette that appears to be the controlling mechanism. When he tries to take the statuette, he breaks the mechanism.

I climb up the wall to try and get a better look at the blades themselves and I’m able to discern that there’s a way to jam the blades if I can hit it just right.

Using some of the shuriken in my pack, I’m able to disable most of the blades; Jack is also able to disable one of them, and we are able to squeeze through and around them to get to the far side.

Jack takes the carved, onyx statuette that was on top of the control panel, and we continue through the passage until we reach four statues that line the edges of the passage. We can tell that there is writing at the base of the statues, which we are ultimately able to discern is written in supernal. Eben is able to tell us, once we get a bit closer, that the word is Corellon. The statues remain still until we get to a certain distance, and then they attack.

We can tell that the statues are elven and they remain animated until they inexplicably freeze.

We are ultimately able to defeat the stone statues, and then we decide to take a short rest before moving on.

Once we do, we see a huge iron door that seals off the end of the corridor. We are able to determine that there is no locking mechanism near Halfling height; with some acrobatic work, however, we are able to find the locking mechanism up at the top of the door. There are three locks, one on each side of the door and one in the middle.

While we figured out where the locks were, we were able to detect a set of footsteps moving beyond the door, and more importantly, we were able to figure out that they were walking in a pattern.

We all get into position and then Jack—stationed up by the locks—unlocks the door and it opens. We’re confronted with a golem and begin to fight it. During the battle, Jack sees and picks up a strip of leather.

Eventually, we defeat the Golem and are able to properly take the room in. It’s small and well-crafted, and it’s pretty much empty except for a pedestal—which is where Jack retrieved the leather from. We take a closer look at the leather and are able to discern that there is writing on it—in no obvious pattern—and that it’s in Common and was done through non-magical means.

It becomes clear quickly that it’s written in some sort of cypher, but just as quickly we’re able to reject a substitution cypher. We’re going to need a key, and we’ll have to make our way through the other passage.

But before we do that, we decide that we need to get some sleep, so we decide to camp out in the room the Golem was in. Nothing happens during the night and, in the morning, we head back to the entrance and then take the other path.

As we begin down that passage, we see two statues; one is a buxom woman and the other is a well-endowed man. We are able to discern that neither looks divine, though they both look passionate and amorous. We can see a crescent moon engraved in the base of the statue, which is a symbol of Sehanine.

Jack moves close to the statues and he begins to feel a compulsion to touch. As this happens, a blue tendril tries to grab hold of him, though Jack is able to break free and move back without issue.

Targoth then moves near the statue and he is unable to escape as Jack did. It becomes clear that there is a curse on the statues and that weapons won’t have any effect on them. Luckily, as Targoth is being wrapped up by the blue tendril, he recalls an old tale of Sehanine’s curse and is able to devise a countercurse.

Targoth is freed from the tendril and not a moment too soon, because some constructs break through the walls and surprise us. We are able to defeat them, however, and continue moving down the passage. As we near the end, we see a huge pit of spikes and a large door on the opposite side.

We decide that Aideena should fey step across the pit to the other side to get a better look at the door, which she does. When she gets there, though, the door glows brightly with a blue energy and hits Aideena and the rest of us with a concussive blast. Aideena is blown off her feet and starts falling into the pit, but Targoth manages to catch her before she falls in.

The blue energy which struck Aideena and the rest of us forms a bit of a bubble that’s bowed towards us, and then it recedes. We start looking for a non-arcane way in and discover that there is a single lock with a keyhole at the top of the doors. We attempt to mage hand the silent lock pick up there, but fail with it.

We then notice that the blue energy surrounding the door is dimmer and that one of the plates in the door is cracked.

Aideena uses the mage hand to push in another plate and another concussive blast catches all of us. The blue is, yet again, noticeably dimmer and the second plate is cracked. We repeat this process twice more—once, with Jack firing a crossbow at the third plate and Aideena using her magic missile to crack the fourth plate.

Once all the plates are cracked and the door is no longer glowing, Jack climbs the wall and makes it across the ceiling to get at the lock. He fails at unlocking it the first time but succeeds the second time.

The doors swing open and we begin battling five monsters.

We remain on one side of the pit while they remain on the other and, after a little while, they close the door shut on us. It becomes clear that we’re going to have to cross the pit and enter the room.

Eben prays for a bridge from Kord and his prayer is answered. All of us are able to make it successfully across and we open the door to resume the fight.

This room is much the same as the other one we entered, with the exception that there is a stick on a pedestal.

We finally manage to defeat the monsters guarding the stick and are finally able to decipher the message by wrapping the leather strip around the stick. The message reads:

Speak the names of the gods in order at the glyph and the path shall open to those who bring a new day.

We then try to puzzle out what order the gods should be put in as we make our way back to the sigil we first saw upon entering the tomb.

We eventually work out that the correct order of the gods is tied to the population centers of Dakkon: Bahamut, Pelor, Melora, Kord, Erathis, Corellon, Moradin, Avandra, Ioun, the Raven Queen, and Sehanine.

Once we speak this order of the gods, the wall evaporates and a path opens up—eleven stairs leading downwards and each stair has on it a phrase. They read, in order:

I am Moradin. I make you.
I am Pelor. I feed you.
I am Erathis. I shelter you.
I am Kord. I protect you.
I am Sehanine. I cloak you.
I am Ioun. I teach you.
I am Corellon. I enlighten you.
I am Melora. I move you.
I am Bahamut. I guide you.
I am Avandra. I free you.
I am the Raven Queen. I take you.

Below the stairs lies a simple wooden door, unlocked. Within is a chamber the size of a modest bedroom, carefully carved like the other chambers. It holds five white pedestals with glowing orbs atop them and, in the center, a column of light which illuminates the entire room. The Divine Augur’s voice echoes in the hall when we enter the final chamber.

“Heroes. Just as Fate has brought me to build this secret place, so too has it brought you here to this place at this time.

“I have tested you, mind and body. Yet one remains: the test of your will. You must be as one arrow to strike at the evil that spreads through the world. I have been waiting for you; step forward and touch the orb which is yours, for I must show you what will happen should you fail.”

Each orb glows differently. Aideena touches an orb which seems to have a raging conflagration within it. I touch an orb which shifts from color to color slowly, settling on none. Eben reaches for a completely opaque gray orb, Jack rests his hand on orb so jet-black in color it almost seems to glow purple and Targoth settles on the orb that shimmers copper and silver and gold.

Each party member then has visions which only they see.

As the visions fade, the voice speaks again. “Now that you have seen what fate may befall yourselves and others should you choose not to take up your fate, I must show you what fate may befall you if you do.”

These are not separate revelations. This is a shared vision, one that fills the room like a spectral curtain, and across it, like a mural as real as life itself, are still scenes.

The five of us, broken and dead at the bottom of an abyss, a great darkness spreading around us.

A great white dragon crushing Targoth in its jaws.

A beautiful tree of pink and white crystal, shattering. The shards pierce Aideena like spears through her chest.

A white-haired, pale-eyed humanoid—a changeling—crushing Kaiva’s windpipe, while two others look on.

A young girl, dark of hair, lying on a stone floor. Jack kneels in a pool of her blood, tears on his face and blood seeping from between the fingers of his hand clutching his side.

A flock of ravens alighting upon Eben’s torn corpse, fighting over his innards, and around them a flock of thousands feasting on the dead of a great battlefield.

The images fade. “There are many ways you may yet fail, heroes. Yet without you, there can be no victory.” The column of light at the center of the room shifts and fades slightly; within it, you can see a parchment suspended. “These are the words which cost me my life,” the voice says. “I gave it gladly, for without my own death, none would live. Take it now, heroes, if you would take up this burden.”

We take a sheet of paper, upon which is a prophecy.



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