Orran is a particularly recent addition to the Kingdom of Dakkon. First conquered by Dakkoni forces under the rule of Aldran, the mining outpost did not become a city at all until the reign of the previous King, Quintus. Annexation of the mining outpost was primarily the work of the human Knight-Commander Laxander Orran, who was then installed by Aldran as the first Baron Orran. Laxander and his son, Voldrael Orran, are largely responsible for the establishment, growth and success of Orran, and the city has never known any ruler other than Laxander and his son, the current Baron Orran. As such, more than any other city, the House of Orran is deeply associated with the city, and their benevolent, enlightened rule has made the people of Orran fiercely loyal to their baron.

While founded as a mining town, Orran has diversified its economic output, adding milling and logging as established industries. Orran’s proximity to the Votane means that goods transport to the capitol city is comparatively easy, and it also derives income from loading and landing fees on goods which come overland from Bashar. Additionally, the large garrison of the King’s Guard is a source of revenue for Orran. Despite its distance from the capitol city, it remains a prosperous, burgeoning center of trade and commerce.

What Orran lacks, however, is some of the refinement seen in many of the eastern cities. It has no dedicated institutions of learning, its nobility is disconnected and somewhat more provincial than their eastern cousins—and are commensurately disparaged for such failings by those nobles in Easar, Il Aren and the other cities of the Eastwolds—and culture is primarily imported in attenuated form from afar. Thus, while Orran may be economically advanced, it is culturally several years behind Easar. Trends trickle westward slowly and indeed the jesting corollary to the common phrase “All things flow to Easar” amongst the nobility is that “All trends die in Orran.” The mud roads, predominance of unrefined, utilitarian architecture and rough folk would shock eastern nobles—if any of them would dare set slippered foot in Orran in the first place.

For all its cultural shortcomings, however, the people of Orran are remarkably happy and hardworking. Crime is higher than in the settlements in the Eastwolds, but is still tolerably low—the City Watch is effective and the King’s Guard ready to step in behind the City Watch to settle disputes as necessary. The Constable of the City Watch is Aden Yardley, while the Knight-
Commander of Orran is the half-elf Amma Ysildun—the only woman to rise to such rank in what is a very patriarchal society. The Regional Court of the King in Orran is particularly harsh, as the seven Adjudicators believe harsh sentences are the best deterrent to crime.


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